Let Utham or Jana debate on Power supply, says TRS



Fumes at Revanth for jibe

Hyderabad Jan 11 (): TRS MP B Suman, whip P Rajeshwar Reddy have slammed the congress leaders for carrying out misinformation campaign against 24 power supply to farm sector. Addressing a press conference at TRS Legislature Party office with MLC Bhanuprasad, they criticized that the Congress party office Gandhi Bhavan has become Gobel Bhavan. Suman ridiculed Revanth for no capacity and reacted on the challenge for a debate on the issue. We are ready to discuss with either Utham Kumar Reddy or K Jana Reddy on the power issue with details he clarified. He fumed that Revanth is a liar and resorting to mud-slinging for mileage. The people are not ready to believe in the congress party’s wrong campaign on the power he said. Revanth has no credibility and is indulging in dirty politics he charged. He also said that Revanth is thinking big about himself and do not know as for how long will remain in the Congress. Suman denied to talk to Revanth as he lacks any capacity in the Congress and his resignation to MLA post was a drama. He denied Komatireddy Venkat Reddy remarks as baseless on solar power.