Make Telugu must in TS, AP, says Venkaiah

WTC inaugurated on grand scale, Telugu mandatory in jobs

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu exhorted Telugu people to protect mother tongue and culture and pass it to children to practice in future even as entire LB Stadium and the city seen drenched in festive mood of Telugu Mahasabhalu.

Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated World Telugu Conference (WTC) at LB Stadium on Friday on a grand scale along with Governor ESL Narasimhan, Ch Vidyasagar Rao, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and others. He recalled the poets and literary exponents in the past and present for contributing to flourish Telugu language,poetry, literature and culture including Palkurki Somanna, Pothanna, Kaloji Narayana Rao, Nannaya, C Narayan Reddy, Suddala Hanmanthu and others.
Venkaiah Naidu expressed concern that parents are giving priority for English that was left behind by British rulers and it has become a contagious disease. I am not against English and we need to protect our mother tongue,dialect and preserve for future generations Venkaiah Naidu said. Google and Internet cannot substitute Telugu and the people should practice it. People, Government and Newspapers have to make joint and seamless efforts to protect Telugu,Venkaiah Naidu asserted.
He appreciated Telangana Government for making Telugu compulsory from first class to 12th class which should be replicated by Andhra Pradesh. The Government should offer Governance in Telugu and take steps to make Telugu mandatory for the jobs and take necessary steps he said. A person who forgets mother land, language is not at all a human being,the vice president said.
Mother lap is first school : KCR
In his presidential remarks that Chandrasekhar Rao has emphasised the need for protecting Telugu and developing it for posterity. KCR felicitated his Guru Mrithyunjaya Sharma and touched his feet much to the delight of audience who gave their voice in support. KCR said that we must respect Gurus or teachers who are imparting language, knowledge among our children he said adding that WTC will help expand the language to the world. We are determined to protect Telugu and encourage students with spark to practice he said.
KCR said that mother’s lap is the school and is a first teacher through her lullaby and later on during childhood before schooling and after. Cinare,Kaloji,Suddala,Dasharathi, Goreti Venkanna, Andesri, N Gopi, Ampashayya Navin,Jayaraj, Ashok Teja, Mudigonda Sujatha and others contributed to the language. Vidyasagar Rao said that KCR should take steps to resolve Telugu speaking people in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Odisha. The people should encourage their children to practice Telugu, culture and traditions. He listed out the names of the poets and literary personalities who gave their best for Telugu and vowed to take steps at government level.
Narasimhan appreciated KCR for his efforts to develop,expand Telugu. Though being a Tamil with Aravam language, as the Governor I say to practice and protect Telugu he said.
MIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi surprised all by speaking in Telugu and appreciated KCR for his Telugu efforts.Speaker S Madhusudhan Chary, Chairman Swamy Goud, Deputy Chief Ministers K Srihari, Mahamood Ali, MPs Jithender Reddy, Keshava Rao, Nandini Sidha Redy and others present.
Later, entire Stadium premises reverberated with sounds of fire crackers for about 12 minutes. Many of those witnessed the grant festival were awesome to see in glee and vied to take selfies of multiple colours on the sky.